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Collect Moments,
Not Things.

(with a professional on your side)


Travel Details Matter!

From the best things to do, to the best companies to book with.

As an experienced travel agent, I am dedicated to sharing my best practices in travel, while helping my clients live their dream vacation!

Why you NEED a travel agent.

When you can book trips on your own, what makes a travel agent so special?

- Personal service and dedication to the small and big details of your traveling, prior and during travel.

- Direct contacts to bigger companies such as Disney, Royal Caribbean, Universal, Sandals/Beaches, you name it! (Even direct phone lines!) 

- I'm YOUR advocate. I'm here to make your trip seamless!

You don't lift a finger or stress with a great travel agent on your side.




While I LOVE what I do, I love having time

with my loved ones too!


My office hours are Monday - Friday.

Any emails received on evenings and weekends are subject to my availability.

Katie Lynn Reynolds | Travelmation Top Producer

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