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Travel Agents

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

How do my services work?!

First, thank you so so so soooo much to those of you that support my dream and my business! I LOOOVE helping each and every one of you, and take such huge pride in that!

✨ Travel agents…. We are NOT a thing of the past. Many people are used to booking trips on their own, so it doesn’t occur to them that using myself (or any travel agent) is helping a small business owner make a living! My expertise/advice/tips/tricks is saved for my clients who choose to book with me! 👏🏼 (and I know a TON - especially in this changing world!)

✨ I 100% understand that not every quote will turn into a booking — but please keep that in mind when you’re asking for my time! I have quoted many clients lately that weren’t serious, and that’s tough for me!

✨ I promise you that I absolutely have your best interest at heart! I want to make your vacation dreams a reality so that you can relax and just enjoy it. I will always try and find the best price possible for clients and if they happen to find a lower price on their own somewhere, as long as it’s legitimate, a lot of my vendors will price match it.

I would love the honor to book your trip!

Hopefully that helps enlighten all of you a little bit on how this job/industry works.

Thank YOU to all of my fab clients, friends & fam. I can’t wait to help hundreds more turn their dreams into a reality this year!! 🥰

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