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Why work with me?

Brands + Media: Welcome

With over $2mil in sales, I have a steady following that trusts me.

I have traveled to countless countries and domestic boutique hotels - showcasing the best of the best. 

My content aligns with my personal brand, and I will decline a project if we are not a good fit. 

Be sure to mention full scope of work, including ideal dates, compensation and project expectations. 

I'd love to work with your brand if we are a good fit! Please email me to schedule a time to talk.

As of Feb 2023: I am currently only booking May 2023 and on for Media stays.

ROI & Media Kit


  • Avg 300k impressions monthly 

  • 5.2k followers and growing


  • Over 4 million viewers

  • Many viral videos 

  • 5k followers and growing

Facebook Business:

  • Avg 2k impressions per post 

  • 2.2k followers and growing

Brands + Media: Vacations


While I LOVE what I do, I love having time

with my loved ones too!

As of August 1st 2022, my office hours are

8am-5pm, M-F.

Any emails received on evenings and weekends are subject to my availability.

Katie Lynn Reynolds
Travelmation Top Producer

Brands + Media: Contact
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